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A new destination on the a303

Kitchen. Food Market. Lifestyle
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whether you’re a local for life or for lunch, you’re always welcome

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What to expect

For Locals

A relaxing spot to share a meal with friends. Exceptional, locally produced meat. Top-up grocery shops, daily breads and pastries, heritage cheeses and thoughtful gifts.

For travellers

A new way to break your journey. An excuse to start your holiday early or make it last longer on the way home. Stretch legs, run dogs (and children...) and eat well. Stock up for your first night, find a treat for a friend.

For all

Warm welcomes. Seasonal vibrant plates. Fresh made rolls. Nourishing boxes to go. Speciality coffee.

Teals - Eat

Share a meal, grab food to go or fill cupboards with locally sourced goodness.

Eat at Teals