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Deep in the heart of Somerset’s buzzing food scene, 5 miles south of Bruton, a small team are aiming to make its own gentle ripple in UK hospitality.

Warmth and generosity

As global brands spread their wings, some journey-breaks have become reliable but also standardized and bland. Founded on the values of old-school warmth and generosity, TEALS plans to do things a little differently, taking locals and passers-by deep into the spirit of the region through our kitchen, food market and lifestyle store. If you love the idea of building something from scratch, co-creating stories with epic local producers and earning the right to make a difference to the communities around you, we’d love to hear from you. Daytime hours, play your role in the start of something special.  

Teals Somerset

Orchard Lane,
South Cadbury,
BA22 7FS