Teals Somerset - Sustainability Solar Roof
Teals Farm Shop a303 Somerset

Unless we all do our bit, we’ll leave a lesser world for our children and grand-children so we take care to ensure all our working practices are as sustainable as possible.

This started with a building

This started with a building that would tread carefully on its environment. We’ve preserved wildlife corridors, carefully re-used soil from foundations to create new habitats, planted 100s of trees and sewn metres of meadow as well as fields to grass. We have used high-insulation materials and clever heat recovery to reduce our power needs to heat and cool. Our southern roof is covered entirely in solar panels, sufficient to power our base requirements. We’ll be the first e-charging only stop on the A303 and our bike park offers cyclists a secure place to gather themselves for the rolling hills that surround us. We’re working on spring fed water and in the meantime will be recovering as much water as we can from our roofs to feed our plants.

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Teals Somerset - Bike Parking
Teals - Somerset

We’re also on a mission to minimize single use plastic, both in store and in our supply chain. Our packaging is almost all fully recyclable and we’re proud to be one of the first to use some of the most innovative next generation materials around (such as our ready meal trays). We also work carefully with our suppliers, working with small farmers and suppliers who share our perspective on planet. Grass-fed small herds for our butchers, organic or nil pesticide traditional methods in vegetables and gifts with a use, sustainably made.