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Deep in the heart of Somerset’s buzzing food scene, just south of Bruton, our small team is purposefully setting about making a difference in its communities.

Warmth and generosity

We try to do things a little differently, using the produce and products in our restaurant, food market and lifestyle store to take both locals and passers-by deeper into the spirit of our region. Our team are constantly finding new and interesting ways to achieve this goal and, being a service business, are able to see and hear the immediate impact their ideas can have.

If you love the idea of helping to create something from scratch, enjoy brightening people’s days, can bring good energy and have an appetite to learn and develop, we’d love to hear from you. So much the better if you’re the kind of person friends call ‘kind, generous or purposeful’ because, at the centre of everything we do, is making a positive impact.

All applicants welcome, please send cv + covering letter (including the type of work you are looking for and your availability) to

Jobs: Teals Somerset

Orchard Lane,
South Cadbury,
BA22 7FS

Sous Chef


Drive. Creativity. Natural cooking ability. Skills. Positive mindset. These are the attributes were looking for in a new Sous Chef. Working closely with our Head Chef, your role comes with great responsibility levels but also interesting learning and development opportunities – a springboard to a Head Chef role in the future. To get the most out of the experience you’ll balance a genuine curiosity for food with a low waste mentality, great organisational and communication skills and self-discipline. We’re a calm but fast-paced kitchen environment, so you’ll be good working at pace whilst keeping standards high. You’ll be led expertly and surrounded by good people motivated by delivering outstanding eating experiences. Daytime only, 8 hour shifts. On site butchery and food market, local supply chain. Start 8 January 2024 – new year new you.

Date Posted: 09/10/23



Wow, butchery done well is just an incredibly inspiring skill isn’t it. Alongside the artistry there’s the opportunity to support local, independent and sustainable small farms and drive the movement to eat ‘less but better meat.’ And then be able to share all that knowledge informatively, collaborating with our chefs and food market team to create brilliant guest interactions in-store and cooking experiences at home. You’ll need to be physically strong and self-motivated, curious about food, have a proactive sales approach, a low waste mentality and great knife skills. This is a full-time role with significant opportunity to develop amongst a team full of passion and a business that’s going places. Start 8 January 2024

Date Posted: 09/10/23

Just Good People


We’re adept at finding homes for good people that ‘get us.’ So if there isn’t a job that suits you listed here but you have skills and attributes that make you a great fit for Teals, don’t hold back. Sometimes we can magic things up, you never know.

Date Posted: 03/05/23