Fresh Produce

Teals A303 Fresh Produce

Explore our colourful array of fresh produce – veg picked from verdant fields, responsibly grown meat grazed on nearby hillsides, oven baked bread, tasty deli favourites and specialist goodies from further afield.

Tasty and seasonal fresh produce

We’re lucky down here in the west country, there’s an abundance of tasty seasonal produce to fill our food market – everywhere you look something is growing! We especially try to seek out the people who grow their food that little bit more carefully, slowly and responsibly, often on a smaller scale. We love giving them a platform to celebrate their hard work, co-creating tales together. Often Working directly means they benefit more financially and we get to know them better, helping us share their story with you.

Fresh Fruit and Veg Teals
Teals Foodmarket A303
Teals Foodmarket A303

Take Tia, our incredible salad supplier – just a mile from the store, cutting bags by hand each day. Naturally grown on south-facing slopes, 6 days fresher than a supermarket and no refrigerated storage depots to extract taste. We love Tia’s long term plan to create a garden programme to share her passion for natural growing with others, it’s a privilege to be playing our own small part in her journey. Enjoy your visit and remember to take a little bit of Somerset with you on your travels.